New Products

Revival The Genuine Music

March 04, 2017 11:20

Kriya Nusantara proudly presents its new product, Krisan Music Box, a harmonious blend of music and enchanting ornamentation. It a collaboration on creating an innovative product to revive the genuine value of the music box.  A blend of art, culture, and technology from the collaboration between Indonesia and Japan (Kriya Nusantara and Nidec Sankyo Shoji Corporation) which is highly committed to quality and perfection.

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The Magnificent Heritage of Current Appearance

March 04, 2017 11:18

There is a time when ordinary entertainment utility becomes something that you leave behind. An innovative product will be the best option which is resulted from the combination of fine craftsmanship and technology that made the amazing product.

With the brand "Cawang" as the pioneer radio manufacturer in Indonesia that was famous in 1960's, the Gobel family was dominating the local transistor radio market for 20 years until 1980's. Now in the hand of Kriya Nusantara the Cawang radio is born with the new idea. By combining the creativity and local innovation that is supported by the Japanese technology (Panasonic) we create the masterpiece, New Retro Style Radio!

Now Cawang radio has become the icon that represents the Indonesian heritage culture in the crative industry.

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