WCC Award of Excellence for Handycrafts

24 March, 2017 09:23

World Crafts Council (WCC) Award of Excellence for Handicrafts was published today (Friday September 12th, 2014) at the Ministry of Trade Office, Jakarta. From 253 participant products, 49 products from Indonesia published as winner of WCC Award Excellence For Handicrafts 2014 for Asia Pacific Region. Cawang Art Radio with the Deli Treasure Stainless pattern was selected as one of the recipients of the WCC Award of Excellence for Handicrafts 2014.

The WCC Award is an internationally prestigious award of works of artisans aimed at encouraging them to create excellent works in terms of quality, design, originality, and innovation so as to preserve the cultural heritage. Besides that, the products they create should also be competitive so that they can be accepted by the market domestically and internationally, so that in the end these works can increase the welfare of the artisans.

This year, Indonesia, in this case the National Handicraft Council (Dekranas) in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade, for the first time, has been entrusted to be the host of the judging of the WCC Award of Excellence for Handicrafts. This appointment is an honor bestowed by the world to Indonesia for our ability to hold international scale events. The WCC Award of Excellence for Handicrafts will be taken part by handicraft products from countries divided into 3 sub regions, namely South East Asia, South Asia, and Asia Pacific.

The evaluation/judging of the event have already done on 18-22 August 2014 at the Ministry of Trade Office. The jury consisting of experts in the field of handicrafts, design, and marketing will comprise six experts from various countries and one from Indonesia. The recipients of the WCC Award will be promoted by the WCC, by way of facilitating them in participating in the exhibition in Dogyang, China, at the event to commemorate the WWC 50th Anniversary.

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24 March, 2017 09:23

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