Kriya Nusantara is a company and a brand for the product of craft with a very distinctive character features its variety of ornamental as the power of expression. The resulting works are produced by using modern technology and the best touch of the master-level expertise to produce high-quality products. The resulting works also is a form of character development innovations that are luxurious but still rooted in the strength of the refined cultural heritage.

Kriya Nusantara was established since 1995 by Abdul Sobur with the scope of activities, such as:

  • Research and development of art, design, and craft which is oriented to the global market.
  • Manufacturing and fabrication for products of interior, exterior, furniture, craft, and accessories as well as other ceative industry products.
  • General trading and export products of interior, exterior, furniture, craft and accessories specifically for products that are produced by Kriya Nusantara.

Company Identity

Brand Name

Kriya Nusantara

Jl. Benda No.14 Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Indonesia No. phone : 62-21-7805870
Manufacture & Design House
Jl. Cinambo No.148A Bandung, Indonesia No. Phone / fax : 62-22-7810716


Forms of Business

Limited Company
Contact Person

Abdul Sobur (CEO)

: Reina Agustina (Marketing Manager)
Business Type

Boxes, gift item, furnishings & home decoration

December 1995
Number of Employees

500-600 Person
Markets Area

Middle East, Europe, Asia, America, Domestic